PF 2021

IOCB Tech team wishes you peaceful holidays and a good entry into the new year 2021.

The First Commercial sales of Lu-177

We are proud to announce that SHINE Medical Technologies has made its first commercial sales of lutetium-177 to customers. Lu-177 is a therapeutic isotope with the potential to revolutionize the treatment of cancer patients. Lu-177 was produced by separation technology developed at the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the…

MediAim – new therapeutic and drug development strategies

All team of IOCB Tech is proud that IOCB Prague has become one of the strategic institutes in the MediAim consortium, which brings together three centers of excellence in science, research, and clinical practice. The Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine (IKEM) and two institutes of the Czech Academy of…

viral RNA isolation kits developed at IOCB and RCPTM

Working with researchers from the Regional Centre of Advanced Technologies and Materials (RCPTM) at Palacký University and a number of other centers, a team of researchers headed by Pavel Šácha of IOCB’s Jan Konvalinka Group has developed a new method for isolating viral RNA independent of commercially available materials. The…

IOCB enters partnership with Neuron Endowment Fund

In the next three years, IOCB Tech will provide 15 million Czech crowns (c. 550 thousand euros) in support of Neuron. The Neuron Endowment Fund, which for more than ten years has recognized the top scientists in the Czech Republic, has established a partnership with the country’s leading research center…

Where to meet us?

BIO US Digital 2021

When: 14/06/2021 – 18/06/2021
Where: Digital


The IOCB Tech team will be at Bio US Digital 2021. Look at our partnering platform with the company profile and assets. Looking forward to virtual meetings in June.

BioEurope Spring (Digital) 2021

When: 22/03/2021 – 25/03/2021
Where: Digital


The IOCB Tech team will be at Bio-Europe Spring (Digital) 2021. Look at our partnering platform with the company profile and assets. Looking forward to virtual meetings in March.  …

BioSpot 2020

When: 05/03/2020 – 05/03/2020
Where: National Library of Technology, Prague


BioSpot is organized annually to bring Central European life-science researchers face-to-face with industry representatives. And will be held the 5th time this year in Prague.

Bio-Europe Spring – Paris 2020

When: 22/03/2020 – 25/03/2020
Where: Paris


The IOCBTech team will be at Bio-Europe Spring in Paris. Come and meet us in person or follow us on Twitter @IOCBTech…

BioVaria 2020

When: 27/04/2020 – 28/04/2020
Where: Munich, Germany (map)


IOCBTech will be participating together with i&iPrague as PowerPartner at this year’s BioVaria. An event that targets technology scouts, business developers and investors highlighting commercially attractive licensing opportunities and promising startups from across Europe. BioVaria brings together innovators from universities, research institutes and startups with Europe’s leading tech transfer…

XV. EILAT Novel Antiepileptic Drugs Conference

When: 07/06/2020 – 10/06/2020
Where: Meliá Castilla Hotel & Convention Center in Madrid, Spain


Our team member Jana Kenney will be on the 15th EILAT Conference on Novel Antiepileptics in Madrid, Spain.