At IOCB Tech we transform research results into successful products

IOCB Tech helps to further develop the inventions and scientific basic research performed by scientists at IOCB and transfer it into new products that will benefit society in the future. These inventions come from the fields of medicinal chemistry, material sciences, and more.

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IOCB Tech’s main responsibilities include identifying commercially attractive projects developed within the IOCB, followed by analyzing their market potential and patentability, protecting their intellectual property, supporting the given projects’ development in the form of project management, finding commercial partners, and negotiating the contractual terms for signing license agreements.

We have participated in the negotiating and concluding of more than a dozen key license agreements with important pharmaceutical partners including Gilead Sciences, Merck, Novo Nordisk, and SHINE Medical Technologies.

Our main areas of interest are the development of new drugs, diagnostics, and research tools. Our current portfolio includes projects focusing on a variety of therapeutic areas: e.g., the central nervous system, inflammation, cancer, and microbial resistance, as well as separation methods and research tools.

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Success stories

IOCB Tech was incorporated in 2009, tying into a long tradition of drug development at IOCB Prague in the former Czechoslovakia. Professor Antonín Holý along with many other scientists from the IOCB have significantly advanced the treatment worldwide for several serious diseases. Among the most visible drugs developed thanks to research by IOCB scientists are peptidic drugs such as oxytocine and adiuretine and antivirals with key compounds such as cidofovir and tenofovir. However, since its foundation, the Institute has also been deepening its exceptionally high-quality research – and IOCB Tech in turn puts the results of that research into practice.

Since our company’s founding in 2009 it has seen the signing of more than two dozen license agreements have been signed and the awarding of more than twenty patent families. We have established close relationships with major pharma companies like Novo Nordisk, Astra Zeneca, and SHINE Technologies, along with an especially close relationship with Gilead Sciences.